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Unique Feedback

D. Bailey


I had the pleasure of working with URWS for two job opportunities. Initially, I needed my résumé updated for an in-house promotion.  When I transitioned to a new, more challenging role, I needed customized career documents that would reflect my abilities.  In both instances, Ms. Lee captured and combined my experience and education in an intriguing fashion and I received an offer.  For this reason, I highly recommend URWS as a smart investment.

K. Greenlee

Insurance Sales Agent

LOVED the resume writing and the interview skills workshop!!  I was unfamiliar with the concept of a personal branding strategy and realized its importance after attending a URWS workshop that focused on this topic. The workshop held my interest.  Ms. Lee shared helpful information, answered tough questions, and was engaging throughout.    

S. McConnell

Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor

Ms. Lee was able to help me channel my skills and positive attributes in a way I could not have done without working with her. She made every job on my résumé relevant to the job I was seeking and she helped me address my apprehension with interviewing!  I'll definitely use this service again !!

D. Washington

IT Professional

I was more than satisfied with the one-on-one attention I received from URWS.  Ms. Lee was professional, easy to work with, and resourceful. It didn't happen overnight, of course, but once my cover letter and résumé were developed, they were done to perfection and I landed my dream job with Sony, here in New York.  

J. Weldon

Quality Assurance Engineer

I had a complicated and "messy" résumé. Due to my travel schedule, I didn't have time to construct a more polished version.  My résumé writer did a superb job revising it to my satisfaction. As a result, I was promoted to my current position. I have recommended URWS to friends and colleagues!.  

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