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Rise above the competition

Why Choose URWS?

  • URWS is committed to your bottom line and will create a professionally-crafted résumé to boost your earning potential and guarantee results.  


  • URWS clients receive more than just a résumé As an added incentive, you can choose any á la carte service to compliment your résumé. You are also eligible for ongoing consultation and guidance to support your future goals.


  • URWS adheres to the highest standard of the profession and will work with you collaboratively until your documents are perfect and you are 100% satisfied. 

  • URWS enjoys a high success rate based on client satisfaction and referrals. Verifiable references are available upon request and redacted résumé samples  can be reviewed before making your hiring decision.


  • URWS does not use templates. Hiring managers see hundreds of résumés each week. A cookie-cutter approach lacks initiative and originality. Your goal is to stand out, not to blend in with other job seekers. URWS will show you how to dramatically differentiate yourself from competitors to secure an interview..

Why Hire A Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW)?

  • The CPRW credential is the gold standard of the profession.  Résumé writers undergo a rigorous accreditation process to attain certification. You can be confident that your résumé will receive the attention it deserves and rank high on an applicant tracking system (ATS).    

  • If you are not landing interviews or getting callbacks after an interview, professional guidance is crucial.  A CPRW will showcase your best qualities through your résumé, while sharpening your interview skills so potential employers recognize your value immediately.    ​


  • Professional résumé writers skillfully tackle challenging circumstances, such as: employment gaps, frequent job changes, career shifts, layoffs or terminations. A CPRW will help you avoid common résumé mistakes that can negatively affect your chances of being hired.

  • A CPRW will construct a powerful, well-written document that sets you apart from competitors, especially those who have paid to have their résumés done professionally, as well. If you have a busy schedule or subpar writing skills, an expert writer will work efficiently to help you shine! 

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