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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Unique Résumé Writing Services ("URWS") for your career advancement process.


This Service Agreement ("Agreement") is to set forth the Terms and Conditions under which URWS and the party contracting said services ("Client") will agree. 

INITIAL CONSULTATION:  Client will receive a complementary in-depth consultation to discuss his/her goals and objectives for career advancement. URWS will review and critique all marketing documents through email transmission. Upon request, Client can review samples of URWS work products via the Zoom platform.  


INTAKE MEETING:  Once URWS services are agreed upon, and the service agreement is executed, an intake meeting will be scheduled, whereby, Client will provide answers (verbally or in writing) to a basic questionnaire. A Client's document(s) will then be created based on the information provided during the intake meeting.

PROOFREADING / DISCLAIMER: Client is responsible for final proofreading of their document(s) and is advised to check all dates, spellings, and overall content. URWS is not responsible nor liable for omissions made by Client, or for ANY information obtained from Client that is false, inaccurate, incorrect, or misleading. URWS will not research, confirm, or verify any information provided by Client.


TIMELINE / PROJECT REQUIREMENTS:  Client will transmit edits via email asap, or up to 15 days after initial receipt of first draft; otherwise, the project will be deemed complete and void of any further editing obligations on behalf of URWS.   URWS liability is limited to completion of work and assumes no further liability after a document has been proofread, finalized and approved by Client through email transmission to with "APPROVED" noted on the subject line.

REVISIONS / UPDATES:  Up to four (4) sets of revisions are included for á la carte and résumé writing services, only.  Revisions made after Client approval and receipt of final document(s) are subject to additional charges. Unlimited revisions are reserved for résumé packages and professional portfolio services.   

SERVICES / FORMAT:  Services are provided under a work-for-hire Agreement and said Agreement shall terminate automatically upon completion of contracted services. Any format/service requested by Client that conflicts with the standards of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers, Client will affirm said change via initials next to same on the Final Draft.  

URWS GUARANTEE:  URWS makes no express or implied guarantee of an interview or employment. However, URWS guarantees a commitment to the highest quality of craftsmanship and execution for all requested documents/services.

FEES / REFUND POLICY:  Fees for services rendered are payable upfront via PayPal (client account not required), Cash App (3012378872), or cash during an in-person meeting. Returning clients receive a 20% discount on résumé services only. Fees are non-refundable.


EXECUTION OF AGREEMENT:  This Agreement is made effective upon receipt of payment in the amount of $_____ for the contracted service(s) checked above, and when a copy of same is returned via email to with "AGREED" noted on the subject line.


Client affirms that the name and contact information provided on said Agreement is true and correct, and that the terms and conditions set forth, herein, have been read, understood, and accepted.  


WORKSHOP FACILITATION:  A separate Agreement setting forth the Terms and Conditions for a workshop presentation shall be provided at the time of the intake meeting, should that service be requested.



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