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In addition to résumé writing services, URWS provides interactive, practical workshops that focus on a variety of topics designed to equip job seekers with best practices for career advancement.

Popular Workshop Topics / Experience

Current Trends in
Résumé Writing


Importance of a Personal
Branding Strategy 


How to Maintain Value During a Pandemic & a Changing Marketplace

Career Options for
Older Workers


Below are just a few of the value-added workshops I have conducted recently.

Joyce Lee, Founder - Unique Résumé Writing Services


Jubilee Jobs is one of the longest-serving and best non-profit workforce development providers in the Greater Washington Region. Since its inception, nearly 26,000 people have been hired, meeting the needs of the business community citywide.  During my time with Jubilee Jobs as an interview skills workshop facilitator, I fully supported the program's philosophy - "Each job seeker possesses a wealth of untapped abilities."  As a result, workshop participants received sustainable skills that left them feeling dignified, hopeful, and confident about their future employment prospects.   



The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), located in Camp Springs, Maryland, assists individuals seeking employment opportunities within their community.  As an advocate for senior empowerment, I was happy to serve as a keynote speaker for the SCSEP at their annual career day event.  Many members, affected by the increase in unemployment and/or underemployment, were simply deemed over-qualified. The workshop addressed these issues, directly, and offered effective marketing strategies and career planning tools, as well. 

Read what participants say about a URWS workshop.  Then, Click Here to schedule a customized presentation for your group or organization.


"I've attended many workshops.  This was by far the most rewarding as I learned new information and received a variety of resources I used for future reference.”

  Nancy Roth

Legal Assistant

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